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    Links of Interest

  • Bradley University
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Math Courses in the Summer and Fall of this year
  • BU Orientation for New Students
  • Exit Survey for Graduates of the Mathematics Program

  • BU Math Placement (BUMPT)

    The placement test is online and it contains 50 multiple-choice questions. Students will take it in a computer lab during orientation without using a calculator. The purpose of the test is to determine the first course that you can take with the maximum chance of success. The account information and instruction are contained in your orientation package. For more information on the test, please see Frequently asked questions about the BUMPT.

    Enrichment Resources for BUMPT & Beyond

    The Mathematics Department at Bradley University created the following resources to help students be better prepared for the placement test and for success in college mathematics courses.

    • A. Practice Tests for BUMPT.   Each test gives you a chance to familiarize with the format and question types of the actual placement test. Practice tests are graded and correct answers are provided, allowing for immediate feedback.
    • B. Practice and Review Modules for BUMPT.   These are similar to the practice tests but are styled in a more tutorial fashion. Here, complete solutions are provided as examples for similar questions.
    • C. Beyond BUMPT: Algebra Practice Problems & Video Lessons.   These include diagnostic tests, practice problems and video lessons that will sharpen your algebra skills at different levels and help you succeed in college.

    There are two easy ways to access these resources, which are part of the course "Enrichment Resources for BUMPT & Beyond".

    • 1. [Recommended] Log in with your 6-digit BU ID as the Username and the word password as the Password. Answers and scores will be saved. Changing the password is NOT advised. If you change the password, please take a note of it. You will need it to log in again.
    • 2. If you do not have your BU ID, log in with the guest account (Username: guest, Password: password). Answers and scores will not be saved.

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